Season 2011 of Formula One starts with alreday X factor man Vettel

From 1st start the brilliance of Sebastian Vettel shows his dominant position for 2011 season . In my mind the champion for this year . Its the man to beat . I will put my money with full confidence on him what i have seen over the past two days . Whats more he and the Red Bull car is a one fine peace of art and work in a perfect model of operation .

Hamilton , Alonso , Webber , Button will have great problems to catch up with Vettel , he is onother wonder man after the great Michael Schummaker  who can only now hardly assist the top 10 drivers .

Vetttel the way he speaks , think is just a program "machine " devoted to do one thing Winning , winning and winning again .

Plus what stays with him is the "lady luck" such an important factor , proves last year when he won the World Title in the last race taking 20 points difference to Alonso  . If you want to bet , bet on Vettel you will not regret .