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Excellent New Property Investment Opportunity in Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz is one of the largest industrial towns in Poland and among the 7th biggest.
There is a large number of hypermarkets located there, a substantial; number of foreign companies also has regional HQ.
The International airport has daily connection with United Kingdom, Stanstead airport and Ireland Dublin airport.
Training HQ for NATO officers is also based in Bydgoszcz.
The large number of hotels and restaurants is able to cope with foreign business people and tourists year on end.
For entertainment there is the second  largest Opera House and famous Philharmonic hall for even the most demanding music lovers.
Bydgoszcz is surrounded by forests and  main Polish river Wisla  as well as local Brda rivers goes through various parts of the town.

This create beautiful section of the city centres, one of them is called Bydgoska Venecja (Venice), cut through with charming canals and parks on the river banks.
The bohemian style atmosphere and landscape are one of the most unique features of the area.

Location of the Investment Plot is wonderfully situated opposite the large historic estate which will be restored to its former glory as exclusive international hotels and apartments.
The whole surroundings will be upgraded to first class entertainment point for day to day as well as weekend events and excursions.
The City Hall and Old Square decorated fancy, quality boutiques and cafeterias, open beer gardens for spring and summer. These are just one of many advantages and incentives to be living in such a prime location.

The structure and layout are based on traditional quality craftsmanship lasting over 100 years built with Prussian solid red brick. With adopted under careful supervision by The City Conservatory Surveyor has added  New modern architecture
The result will be a solidly built and thought out estate with many modern aspects that we take for granted today.
Large self-contained apartments with fantastic view over the canal– river as well as the opportunity to own one the first purpose built penthouses by the lovely canals of Bydgoszcz

Fantastic views from every angle will be the main base for the probably most sought after upcoming apartments in the city of Bydgoszcz

A foreign buyer will enjoy with great pride and satisfaction this Unique Location  and split floor Penthouse.

The whole estate will have:

  • underground parking spaces,
  • its own top of the range fitness centre only reserve for resident and their guests,
  • internal Swimming pool with saunas, Jacuzzis and solarium which are just some of the confirmed features in the plan,
  • City Largest 4 season theme restaurant in the basement with stunning view over the canal with its own river decking-pear , plus exclusive members only night club will serve well the even most sophisticated needs and demands of the residents.
  • Full security 24/7 with CCTV  cameras will protect comfort of residents.

Detailed information with apartment locations (size, floor level) are only through appointments.

Viewing can be arranged as well of the current stage site with some limits due to the progress of construction work.

This is the Ideal investment opportunity for individual buyers or developers for the whole estate.        

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