PKO Bank Polski (UK)

Mortgage Loan in PKO BP

Dreams May Come True

For many years PKO BP helps its customers in Poland to make their dreams regarding a home, a flat etc. come true. From now on, also our UK-based customers will have oportunity to invest in Polish properties. Fancy a luxury apartment in Kraków or a cottage in the polish mountains? Need to re-finance your existing Polish mortgage? Get yourself a “YOUR PROPERTY IN POLAND” mortgage loan with PKO BP in the UK.

Flexible Offer

With our loan you can invest in the primary and secondary property markets in Poland, buy a flat, build a house or a garage, re-finance your existing Polish mortgage, refurbish your property, buy land etc. The loan is secured on the financed or any other property in Poland, and offers a maximum of 40 years repayment period. You can apply for our mortgage as an individual loan taker or with an additional borrower (spouse, partner, family member, friend, etc.), provided that you live in the UK, have a documented UK income, good credit rating and sufficient collateral. Our loan is tailored to fit your needs.
We offer you a variety of different loan options:

  • credit currency – GBP, PLN, EUR, USD, CHF*,
  • loan repayment type – fixed or decreasing capital,
  • loan repayment period – up to 40 years,
  • various deposit options.

Free Money Transfer

Loan payments from the UK can be made with free money transfers from your NatWest Welcome account to any individual account held in PKO BP. For details go to

Benefits Of "Your Property In Poland"

  • flexible - we can grant a loan for a term of up to 40 years for numerous purposes in several currencies (PLN, CHF, EUR, USD, GBP)
  • safe - we offer a package of attractive insurance policies, including insurance for loss of employment, for hospitalisation and medical insurance
  • convenient - we offer "repayment holidays", i.e. an option to suspend the repayment of one instalment per year and a grace period for loan repayment for as long as 3 years

Important Information

Granting a credit is conditional upon:

  • full legal capacity,
  • creditworthiness,
  • positive assessment of credibility,
  • setting up the credit collateral.