DEPFA BANK plc Spółka Akcyjna Oddział w Polsce

DEPFA BANK plc is one of the leading providers of financial services to the public sector worldwide. DEPFA’s Public Finance product spectrum covers all requirements, and is targeted at clients across all levels of the public sector. DEPFA finds the perfect solution to its clients’ specific problems and requirements, whether they be related to budget financing or funding of public infrastructure projects, advising on the rating process associated with the privatisation of public services, debt restructuring, supporting bond placements or extending credit lines. Thanks to its strong focus on the public sector, and its extensive experience with the specific financial, political and social requirements involved, DEPFA is a strong financial partner, and an independent advisor to its clients. DEPFA BANK plc is a Dublin-based company, incorporated under Irish law, with a network of subsidiaries and branch offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Since October 2007 it is a 100% subsidiary of Hypo Real Estate Group.