CorporateFX Ltd

Corporate FX was established in 2001, looking to provide companies with a bespoke foreign currency solution. Key to delivering that service was timely market information, flexible trading options and first class global settlement. In an age where call centres and queuing systems came to the fore, we chose the traditional route to good business relationships – talking to our clients.

Today, we still find ourselves delivering on our early themes. In practice this equates to offering our clients flexibility, honesty and good old-fashioned value for money.

Following our move to the City of London, an increase in staff and ever-rising business volumes, we are now considered one of the most established names in the industry. We have carefully expanded the teams that look after all of the facets of buying and safely settling foreign currency.This is underpinned by the technical systems and platforms needed to operate swiftly and efficiently. It is this combination that gives us the capacity to embrace the burden of the modern financial markets and also meet the demands of fast-moving commercial businesses.

So why not question what you currently do, who you do it with and consider the service that Corporate FX has to offer, in order to enhance your company’s performance?

1) Competitive Pricing

We have a number of market counter-parties, enabling us to compare prices on behalf of clients, to achieve the most competitive rate of exchange for both spot and forward contracts.

2) Buying Forwards

Buying forward allows you to fix a rate of exchange using today's market rates, for delivery of funds at an agreed date in the future. This highly effective method provides a rate to forecast with, whilst removing the risk of negative market movements. The contract also provides the flexibility to take early delivery of funds, or defer payment and delivery subject to notice and conditions.

3) Making the most of 24-Hour trading

Clients may leave instructions (market orders) with their Dealer at CFX to realise rates not currently available, or to protect themselves against a market downturn. Market Orders are not time bound and can be placed above and below current prices to achieve better rates and offer protection. Once agreed these orders remain effective until the rate is achieved or you call to cancel or alter them.

4) Service - Individual and Team support

You will be looked after by a Senior Commercial Dealer who understands you, takes time to learn your business and in turn better manages your forex exposure. Behind that person is a team that can also provide the type of information, support and trading mechanisms, to ensure that you protect and prosper. We set out to offer you personal contact in order to free up some time and space for you to attend to other pressing matters.

5. Market Information - The way you want it

We tailor the content, regularity and style of information to suit our clients needs. If speaking to one of our dealers is not what best fits, then maybe daily market emails are? Alternatively you can watch our ongoing live market commentary on a host of TV channels, or simply keep abreast of prices via an SMS? We aim to keep you in touch with the markets in a way that compliments you and your working environment.

Corporate FX Limited is a registered Money Services Business and we pride ourselves on our high integrity in respect of all money transactions. In accordance with HM Revenue & Customs Money Laundering Regulations we are obliged to make enquiries on the companies and clients we act for and require key personnel to provide recognised and acceptable personal identification.