PEX Trading Limited

PEX is an organisation that offers global payment solutions to B-B world, as a direct alternative to the bank.

We specialise in locking in margins via forward contracts on the PLN/Euro/USD/GBP.

We have had great success in this area and we are currently looking for a alliance partner within the Polish Business Community.

PEX will allways try to offer a 30-35% saving on exchange and transaction charge against any EU bank.

Our value proposition is simple but effective.

  • We reduce costs in both exchange and transaction cost
  • We reduce errors, our STP payments platform won the ‘Bank of New York’s accuracy award’ 07.
  • We mitigate the risk of currency exchange.
  • PEX can greatly reduce your back office processes.
  • PEX offer a choice of routing of payments giving added benefits against the banking world.
  • PEX can make international payments as simple and cost effective as BACS.
  • We are specialist in payment processing and only focus in this area.

PEX FX Client Pack