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Warsaw CEE Financial Hub comments

Very well represented by top VIP economic advisers NBP Chairman Prof. Marek Belka, Ministry of Finance Mr. Jacek Rostowski  as well as Minister Aleksander Grad.

These speakers where supported by group of panellist from Warsaw Stock Exchange , Commercial Banks , Warsaw City Hall , listed stock exchange companies  executives , various economic chambers ,embassies and International Herald Tribune , The Warsaw Voice journalists ,representatives .

Overall very powerful group of decision makers ,advisers for current economic pollicises .


The strategy taken by Polish government was absolutely spot on , Poland is the only one country in EU which avoided global recession .

Events such as this one can create the necessary image and built the awareness among international investors and investment funds that Poland and its capitol Warsaw ,is the right place to invest money in .

What’s more Warsaw very soon can become the true CEE financial Hub in this part of Europe .

Its size, geographic location ,infrastructure , large  group of top qualified with University degrees work force can satisfy the biggest demands from international financial institutions or biggest corporate clients .


The very busy and active through IPO introduction WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) already has very significant position in the region .

If privatize  with a possible new strategic partner can consolidate the No1 position in the CEE region . It can be the bridge head for the most powerful exchanges in Europe like London Stock Exchange or in global stage the American Nasdaq .  

The message from the conference was very clear  “ Warsaw its ready for challenge to become No1 Financial Hub in CEE Region”  .


However , still a lot of work and efforts must be done by local authorities ,Warsaw City Hall and the WSE to continue the positive trends . One of the options can be to create additional  body for example a business foundation with main aims to promote and built further Image of Warsaw as Financial Hub as well to make more aware of international investors how important and money maker machine Warsaw and its economic institution WSE can be .

The Ex President of WSE , “godfather ” of the Exchange Mr.Wieslaw Rozlucki can be an ideal choice to lead such foundation ,supported by the current WSE Chairman Mr.Ludwik Sobolewski . The tandem with great expertise ,experience and vision for the near future .


If you wish to make ,add any comments please email to maciej@pbec.eu , all your comments are very welcome and can be use towards the 3rd edition of conference in 2010 .   




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